Selected Work
Marie Dvorzak

Selected Work

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Webdesign & Webdevelopment:
1. The After Monument (2022)
2. Internationals in the city (2021)
3. Wild Wireframekit (2019)
4. Schwarz Brillen (2019)
5. Attention Lab (2020)
6. Funeral for Digital Data (2022)

Creative Computation:
1. 200.000.000 instructions x second (2021)
2. The After Monument (2022)
3. Internationals in the city (2021)
4. Accessible Deep Learning(2021)
5. Liquid Font (2021)
6. Three.js Soundvisualizations

1. 200.000.000 instructions x second (2021)
2. A matter of Accessiblity (2021)
3. The After Monument (2021)


Marie Dvorzak (b. 1996, Austria) is a designer and programmer with a focus on creative coding, design research, and the development of complex design systems. She recently completed the Information Design Masters Program in Eindhoven (NL) and is now working as a freelance designer and artist in her hometown, Vienna (AT). In the past five years, she had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of designers, artists, and studios from all over Europe. 
Last updated: 08.2023

200.000.000 Instructions x Second

Computers are so complex that information processing has become an incomprehensible concept for most. This leads to the belief that technology is unknowable, maybe even magical. To counter this, programmer and designer Marie Dvorzak made an object that reconnects the computation process to palpable physicality.
The amount of instructions required to run a program that draws a line on a computer has been monitored and translated into a corresponding number of moving styrofoam balls that can be observed and heard. Through this rematerialization 200 000 000 instructions x second aims to question the belief that technology operates outside of our comprehension and control.